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From Susan Pottish, CEO and Partner, i-CueDesign

"Earle wrote and took our first patent application to allowance in perhaps the most difficult kind of patent category: business methods. Patenting any invention involves far more complexity than meets the untrained eye, but even more so if you hope to be able to defend your invention in a competitive business environment. We are immensely grateful to have found someone with such dual expertise- in writing patents that the USPTO will allow and including in the writing the strategic understanding of the business consequences of the patent. He has developed our patent portfolio and we look forward to our applications being allowed, thanks to him"

From Robert Kavaler, CTO and Founder, Sensys Networks, Inc.

"Sensys Networks has engaged Earle Jennings since the company was founded to write out patents. From the beginning, we stressed that we wanted issued patents. In the Spring and Summer of 2008, as the financial markets were crashing, we received third round venture funding, in part due to the patents that had issued due to Earle's efforts"

From L.R. Gibson, President, QSigma, Inc.

"Last year as QSigma finalized our architectural research into a new class of computers, we realized that using traditional patent approaches, we would need to file over 20 patents. This was more than we could afford to pay for, even in the US. Earle devised an international patent application which integrated all the potential patent applications into one, making it possible for us to seek both US and international patents at about 3-5% of what the fees would have been otherwise."

From Raymond Martin, VP Technology at Deawon USA

"Earle  educated me and my company on his novel methods that both save money on  patent applications and produce superior patent results. In particular,  his solutions address the problem of how to decide where to file  international patents, especially when international filing fees can  exceed 10's of thousands of dollars. His methods allow one to defer the  expensive decisions on international filings until the value of the  patent is better understood. His creative techniques such as "mirroring  provisionals" and "integrated international applications" will save a  company 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars per year. I will do more  work with Earle and recommend him highly."