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International Patenting

We offer a new process for coordinating and developing patent applications in the US and internationally.

Our process reduces costs by integrating US patent applications filed within one year into one international application.

The benefit: a grace period of at least four years from the international patent filing date before all the follow-on patent applications need be filed in the EU.

You have that grace time to learn more about your markets, products and competitors. 

An added benefit: Using this approach supports a Chinese application filed as a utility model application directly using the Paris Convention. The international application can then be used with the same Chinese Language translation to enter China as an invention patent application. The utility model application matures into a Chinese patent in about 6 months. The invention application matures into Chinese patent rights in 2-4 years. The Utility model has a life expectancy of 10 years, whereas the invention patent lives 20 years from the earliest filing date.

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